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Frequently Asked Questions
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How to request booking

Reservation Process

Are we employed by the hotels we reserve with? Can I make a reservation with or payment to the hotel directly? How do I find preferred hotel for the period I want to stay? Can I know available rooms without giving credit card details? How can I book more than one hotel or period? Can I make a reservation for someone else? What’s the difference between single, double/twin and triple rooms? Can I make special requests (non-smoking, high floor, king bed, etc)? What happens when I made a reservation?


Are the rates per person or per room? Are the rates net? Is breakfast included? Can I use the same rates to book to the hotel directly? Why are rates different by period of time? Do you offer any promotions? Can I use any reward points, discount, etc on this website? Do I have to pay a fee to

Credit Cards

I do not have a credit card. Can I make a reservation? Why do I need to give my credit card details? What types of credit card can I use? Why is my credit card not authorized? When will my credit card be charged? Is it secure to give my credit card details?


Is my reservation instant confirmation? How do I know if my hotel reservation is confirmed? How long does it take to get confirmation? What is a confirmation voucher? Do I need to confirm my booking with the hotel directly? What if hotel I book is not available?

Cancellation and changing

Can I cancel or amend my booking? Is there any cost for cancellation/amendment? How do I know that my booking has been cancelled or amended?

Check-in to hotel

How can I contact or get directions to the hotel? What do I need to check-in to the hotel? Is transfer included in my reservation? What are the check-in and check-out times? I want to check out after the stated check-out time of a hotel. What do I have to do? I will be arriving earlier/later than the stated check-in time. Can I still check-in? I want to stay more longer than I booked. What do I have to do?

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