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Khaokho Talaypu

Khaokho Talaypu

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Price :   540 - 2,160 THB
Address :  137 Moo 5 Tuangsamor khaokho Phetchabun 67270 Thai Location : Petchabun

Khaokho Talaypu is a step in the journey of life, but a trace upon the land. It is an attempt to create, to develop the environment, society, andself. Deteriorated land has been revived, restored to lush green growth,creating a pure and beautiful environment sheltering all forms of life andfitting to be called home of nature.   

Khaokho Talaypu engages in creative activities pervaded with an atmosphere of loving care and concern; it is a shared dream of living a life of value. All of this together creates thebeauty of life.

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Room Gallery (7 pictures), Khaokho Talaypu

Room Overview

,Khaokho Talaypu
  • Country Lake Home
  • Warm Earth Home[Oun-i-din]
  • Rice Field Home
  • Piney Wood Home

Country Lake Home (4 pax) (4 pictures) Khaokho Talaypu

This is a one-and-a-half story wooden house situated on the shore of a lake. The upper floor offers an unusual ambience; the lower level has a bedroom, a sitting area, a fireplace, a dining area, and a bath with a teakwood tub and water heater.

Room Gallery
Warm Earth Home[Oun-i-din] (1 pictures) Khaokho Talaypu

This is a one-and-a-half story house, the lower story dug into a hillside, secluded on a forested slope. There is a porch at the front, and a multi-purpose upper story. It accommodates two.

Room Gallery
Rice Field Home (1 pictures) Khaokho Talaypu

This is a wooden house reminiscent of traditional country dwellings and located on the margin of a rice field. It has a bedroom and a bathroom and accommodates two.

Room Gallery
Piney Wood Home (1 pictures) Khaokho Talaypu

This is a simple compact abode situated in the tranquility of a flower garden beneath the shade of a pine grove. It has a bedroom and a bathroom and accommodates two.

Room Gallery

Facilities Overview

,Khaokho Talaypu

The Khaokho Talaypu Center for Health conducts health activities in natural mountain forest surroundings. The program is holistic, embracing the body the mind and the environment, and is based on Thai native genius and Thai resources.

The body
Discussions Healthcare from the point of view of Traditional Thai medicine Use of herbal medicines Views on healthcare of various schools of alternative medicine
Food: properties of herbs, fruits, and vegetables and quality of raw materials and processing


  • Analyzing the element of each mansion of the zodiac Eating native vegetables and herbs
  • Observing natural farming and gathering fruit, vegetables and plants Demonstration and practice of Thai cookery
  • Observing the production of herbal medicines: harvesting, drying, and the making of herbal teas and capsules
  • Demonstration of the making and use of herbal compresses
  • Observing the distillation of essential oils and production of cosmetics and spa and aromatherapy products
  • Observing production of tea and herbal beverage
  • Exercise, including reusi tat ton (traditional Thai therapeutic exercises), walking, and yoga
  • Receiving scrub, soaking, steam bath, and compress massage treatments from head to foot using naturally grown herbs and flowers and aromatherapy with local and exotic natural essential oils especially formulated by Khaokho Talaypu for each individual

The mind
Discussions Mental development for good health and happiness in life Anapannasati: Mindfulness of breathing meditation

Dynamic and static meditation practice Practice of arts, such as dried flowers and drawing Merit making

The environment
Discussion The relationships between life and the environment


  • Walking through fields and gardens and observing plants, insects, and other animals
  • Bird watching
  • Looking at the stars
  • Hiking and boating
  • Observing the ways of life of Hmong and Lisu tribespeople

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