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How to Book with

Booking online with is easy, quick, and secure.. We are providing these 2 help topics to give you clearly understand how to use our service. For more questions, please see FAQs

  1. How it works.
  2. How to request booking.

How works

  1. Book hotel in Website (How to request booking)
    • Our rates save up to 75% are available for customers booking with us only.
    • You cannot check availability without payment.
      *The earlier you book, the better chance to get confirmed reservation.

  2. Wait for confirmation within 24-48 hours (This depends on each hotel and special holiday).
    • We will check availability as fast as possible and reply request by e-mail.
    • You can check your status in Booking Status through our website.
    • You can cancel your booking or make amendment in Booking Status through our website. *Important – your credit card will be NOT charged if you booking is not confirmed.

  3. Receive confirmation by e-mail and voucher to print out.
    • You are allowed to cancel your booking or make an amendment in Booking Status through our website.
    • Your voucher tells you all reservation detail.
    • You do not need to check confirmation with the hotel directly.
    • Your credit card will be charged.

  4. Present your voucher printout to hotel check-in.
    • Generally, you only present your identification to the hotel reception when you check in.
    • It is your own responsibility to arrange travel to the hotel.

How to request booking
There are 4 easy steps to process in

  1. Find your preferred hotel
  2. Enter room detail
    • Select Dates, Number of Rooms and Persons per room
    • Choose your room type and check your cost
  3. Enter your detail
  4. Billing options

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